John McCain is positioning Barack Obama as too celebrity to be taken seriously as a Presidential Candidate. Like he's a rock star of some kind.

This makes for great segue, as far as Coke vs. Pepsi is concerned.  Why?

You can buy the John McCain campaign cola here.

You can buy Barack Obama campaign cola here.

Obama, being regarded to as a Rock Star, is not affiliated with RockStar Energy Drink...which you can buy here.

Obama wants to pull out of Iraq, McCain wants to stay and Whup Ass. You can buy WhoopAss Energy Drink here.

If there is one person who should get their ass whooped, it's Ron Paul. However, you can still buy HIS campaign cola here.

I would have been clever, in hindsight, to tell you that the McCain beverage tastes like it's 70 years old and the Ron Paul beverage comes in a can that's empty...but that would be political humour and this Homey don't Play Dat.