Coke versus Pepsi

It all started with the cola wars.

2 soda companies fighting tooth and nail for the lion's share of the market.

From this war, 2 great things were discovered. First, I learned that Roberto Goitzuetta was an In-CRED-ible leader, and gained my life long admiration as one of my all time favorite CEOs.

Second, I learned how much fun it would be to document the Cola Wars on Squidoo!  (you've, ah, heard of Squidoo, right?)

But why stop with the Cola Wars? After all, other than Pepsi and Coca Cola, ther's RC Cola, Jones Soda and a LARGE family of colas and sodas out there!

That's why you need to go to and see the Cola Wars and All things Soda dislayed for your enjoyment!