Yeah, I'm pretty impressed with Jones Soda. Sure, it's no Pepsi or Coca Cola, but they're the funkier, jazzier soda as far as I am concerned.

They could be the "Coolest Soda Ever", and I even built an 'Ever' page for them here.

Their home page is here.   I think you'lll be impressed with the fact that the labels of their sodas change constantly. So it's not like you can always count on the Red Can to be Cola or the Green Can to be Lemon-Lime. The pictures are always changing, and devoted Jones Soda drinkers even submit photos as sugestions.

Motley Fool, the investsment advice-giving columnists, were NOT impressed with their Holiday Gift Packs, however.

(The holiday gift packs are here.)

Their scathing article (which, in fairness, is also a comprehensive few of the Soda market as just that...a market) is here.  In a nutshell, they were NOT fans of the Chanukkah and Chiristmas flavors that Jones put out this year. (They put out holiday flavors last year, too.)
So crack open a soda...even a Moutnian Dew or a Dr. Pepper...and read up on the sodas in YOUR life!  Maybe you'll even find a Soda Stock to invest in.


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